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Meet Jenny the Doula

Serving Acadiana for Over 10  Years




Jenny has a Bachelor of Science Degree from LSU, as well as a Master's Degree in Ocean Policy from the University of Washington in Seattle (UW). This translates to her ability to take complex information and relay it in understandable ways to the parents so they can make more informed decisions.

Jenny lives in the middle of Lafayette, within a 10-15 minute drive of both hospitals as well as the local birth center. She is married to her husband Cole of 17 years and has two awesome boys, one dog, three cats, and a hamster! Jenny loves to knit, read good books, and swim.

Her services include both hands-on and informational support, whether it be through her Lamaze classes, Doula support, Placenta Encapsulation, or Lactation Counseling.

In addition to many years of experience, Jenny holds several certifications and trainings that contribute to her wise care of the families she serves:

Jenny finds serving families a nourishing gift. It is a true vocation, a calling, and she loves what she does. Serving families since 2009, her long-time passion for empowered birth has helped to strengthen the Acadiana birth worker community. Jenny has served women in many birthing locations and situations, from hospital to birth center to home, as well as unmedicated births, medicated births, cesarean sections, and VBACs. She is intimately aware of the needs of her mommas! Having Jenny serve you means getting the most experienced doula in the region, as well as receiving her gentle compassion and unconditional support.

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